About Us

Moda Lash is a brand and academy that offers luxury lashes, supplies and training services and training in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada.   


"Creating the brand was a long process of trying and testing different products. We worked hard to research and speak with lash artists all over the world about their concerns when it comes to lash trays and spent months to have trays that fix the issues. "

Our luxurious cashmere collection will help you provide a deep black lash line on your clients but remaining fluffy, soft and extra light to wear. Highest Cashmere PBT fibres are lightweight, super soft with a matte/satin finish. Non-sticky lash extensions, easy to fan out using different techniques and creating both narrow and wide fans. Our aluminum foil backing is easy to peel off and re-stick to your lash tile and lash trays after use. 


Take your sets to the next level & try our lashes and tweezers

"I've always had passion for beauty and this brand is my baby, can't wait for you to try and fall in love with the products as much as I did" Would love to see you use our products! Don't forget to tag us to get your work featured on our page @modalashofficial

-Nikola Alba Moda Lash Founder